Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Who are Illamasqua?

Illamasqua are a make up brand who  3 years ago unknown ......they are now rivalling the big make up brands such as Mac and Bobbie Brown. Illamasqua began the brand with the philosophy 'make up for your alter ego' ..... This has now been developed into 'We are colour. You are beauty .'
This supports their ethos as a powerful brand they are bringing individualism back to the world of beauty. Illamasqua support the uniqueness in a person and celebrate it , rather than conceal and clone like many other beauty brands. This celebration needs to be witnessed by the world, they are starting a revolution that could end anywhere .

Looking into their collections it is clear the they have a theme that runs through the editorials and the colours of the collection . When looking into the designs of  my images this is something I will have to consider.

The first time I went into a Illamasqua store I felt liberated with the selection of colours, the atmosphere, the people who worked there . This needs to be shown in the images , I would like these image to relate to the consumer as an achievable look and an aspirational dream .

Illamasqua capture images for the advertisements in a different way to other brands they are not interested in displaying the entire face , even it is just an eye or a lip that is visiable it is still showing the creativivity and innovation of the brand .

Alex box is creative director for Illamasqua , which adds an edge to their collections , as Box is renowned in the industry for her excellence as an artist . The passion that Box and the staff at Illamasqua have about make up and expression is visible through there campaigns :

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