Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mind Maps

The idea stage .....

This image is slightly blurred a few off the words that appear in each section are :
Natural :
Life, death, animals, decaying, trees, wind , rain, water , sun , sea, land, sand , natural disasters , Natural light spectrum, why do these happens ? What happens when everything dies ? 
Explosion : 
War, machinery, blood, friendly fire, debris, chemical reaction , controlled environment, earth's core, weather , celebrations, fireworks. 
Purple : 
Royalty,Queen , speech , prestigious, mystery, murder, danger , unsolved, magic , crystal ball, hands, gypsy, Blackpool, velvet, spiritual 
Blue : Freedom, open air , walks, countryside , sky, clouds , heat , sun , rays, moon, darkness, sadness, tears, water , sea , animals , ice, pirate , sailor , boys 

Through the process of mind mapping it became evident that the four words all have a similar underlying theme and that is light/colour, water and reflection . I would like to use these as a starting point to further my research . 

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