Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The styling for the shoots needs to reflect the words and theme of the entire shoot . I want something that will enhance the image but not over power the hair and make up .

1. This is a tight fitted blue dress, which allows the hair and make up to enrich the image .

2. This is a floaty purple crop top , it has a silky texture to the material which will also reflect light .

3. This is my favourite choice for styling the fantasy image as the hands can be lifted to show the long loose sleeves . 

1. This dress leave the neck free form material which I like , however there will be an intense green colour on the arms .

2. This reminds me of authentic Indian dress , it is floaty and shows colours around the face 

. This a long fitted dress that drops around the neck line ,causing the material to gather. 

The nails will be painted in Illamasqua Obsess for the fantasy look .

For the beauty look the nails will be painted in Obsess and Gamma to add a hint of colour to the nails . This will also blend the use of colour around the make up and styling to allow this to be a wearable look . 

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